Alhumdulillah the session was good and effective,i felt relaxed and felt optimistic towards life. the stupid thoughts which were running in my mind are no more teasing me Alhumdulillah.I developed an attitude of searching positivity in negative situations and realised that whatever bad happens to us is for own betterment and it holds something good in future by Allah’s will.jazakumullahu khairan kaseeran.


I had stress and anxiety issue and was very worried about this condition which was physically hurting me thru tongue biting and jaw clinching and spasm and sprains all over my body but meeting Abdul Mannan in order deal and heal with this distessful condition was so seamless that i never thoght it before that its so easy. He let me understand and proved me thru hypnosis that it’s all our subconcious mind which rules our concious mind and physical Continue Reading


I had a problem of anxiety for the past 12yrs. Be it a small or a major issue, this problem used to trigger up so much that it would disturb my normal routine to such an extent, that i get upset and depressed about how I am and how i must tackle this problem. My personal and professional lives were perturbed. I came to know about Abdul Mannan through Facebook so I approached him. Within a single sitting miraculously, my Continue Reading


I would recommend getting Nlp with brother Abdul Mannan Ali.It will really help you gain clarity in life. After just one session I felt really confident. About my life and dealt with issues that were holding me back. He genuinely cares about the clients and makes payment easy and affordable.


After being through a rough patch of my life with my heart broken, mind full of disappointments and lack of self confidence was on a total verge of breakdown, ready to give up. In midst of all these chaos a family member introduced me to a Certified Life Coach. They introduced me to Coach Abdul Mannan, a fantastic NLP Practitioner, who has showed me the endless possibilities of changes that only I can make for myself, in just one session!! Continue Reading


The coaching session with Abdul Mannan had a really life changing impact on my life. I am more empowered and confident than before and achieving more in life. I strongly feel that everyone should know about NLP techniques and children should be made aware from young age so that they live more effective & happy lives


I was suffering from depression and anxiety from past 9 years and started taking medicines a year back then my brother told me to meet Coach Abdul Mannan, Certified NLP coach. I took the session twice and it created miracles in my life. He did coaching to me using different tools and I changed myself. Now Alhumdullilah I stopped taking medicines and I am feeling great. Thanks a lot to him, may Allah bless him.


I would like to express my gratitude to Coach Abdul Mannan for helping me in overcoming my issues with negative emotions, it was really useful as I feel now released and very happy. Once again thank you coach.


I used to have severe headache and I was taking medicine for almost six months. But just a couple of hours of NLP coaching session changed my way of thinking and Alhamdulillah now I am not taking any medicine for it.


Asslamualaikum Brother- in- Islam! Thanx a lot Dr.Mannan for all your fruitful techniques ,i know you are not a doctor but still for me you will always be a doctor.I found my meeting with you a positive act.I applied all your given methods in my day to day life n got tremendous results.you know how to convince n mould human thoughts very well,i m greatful to have a life coach like you in my city..Best of luck for all your Continue Reading