December 13, 2017

I had stress and anxiety issue and was very worried about this condition which was physically hurting me thru tongue biting and jaw clinching and spasm and sprains all over my body but meeting Abdul Mannan in order deal and heal with this distessful condition was so seamless that i never thoght it before that its so easy. He let me understand and proved me thru hypnosis that it’s all our subconcious mind which rules our concious mind and physical body and it’s every cell if you control your subconcious mind then you can get over with this issur and it’s real even I have seen with my own eyes during hypnosis that my subconcious mind rules every thing and from that moment so many myths have been broken and finally I learnt How to deal and heal with this stress and anxiety issue. I found Abdul Mannan a solid life coach who can get hold of his clients challenges and critically analyse it and solve it at the end. Wish to thank him for his valuable professional help and wish him all good luck.