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Fantastic introduction to NLP. Great way to get started without getting overwhelmed, with simple techniques. No need to travel to get to a training center or wait to start your course, get started to learn right away.
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Certified NLP Practitioner & coach

Mr. Abdul Mannan is an expert in getting the best out of the people, As per his own words, he himself started out with a pessimistic and isolated life style. Then a combination of good friends & books took him to a journey of self-development & motivation which climaxed when he became a Certified NLP Practitioner. From then onwards there was no looking back. With 100s of hours of Coaching experience with multiple clients has led him to a Professional in his field.
NLP training course offers an amazing new paradigm. The perspective, fluidity and structural way of viewing others and the world will change your life forever
Ultimate Happiness
Ultimate Happiness Course is made, In The way it was developed, as an exploration of subjective experience
Blueprint For Successful Life Coaching

The Coaching Business Blueprint gives you everything you need to know to get your business on track

Training Ease & Simplicity

Training Course is Free simple, clear and easy-to-follow. You simply must break the concepts down into easily understood pieces. We do that for you, perhaps better than anyone.


Here Course have been very affordable, without sacrificing quality or student support. This is due to a wide range of in-house skill sets and our commitment to spreading the value of NLP.

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 With exclusive and time-tested “stealth missions” and “psyche builders” throughout each module, you will be applying NLP to your life and reaping the benefits immediately.

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Success Stories

Alhumdulillah the session was good and effective,i felt relaxed and felt optimistic towards life. the stupid thoughts which were running in my mind are no more teasing me Alhumdulillah.I developed an attitude of searching positivity in negative situations and realised that whatever bad happens to us is for own betterment and it holds something good in future by Allah’s will.jazakumullahu khairan kaseeran.


I had stress and anxiety issue and was very worried about this condition which was physically hurting me thru tongue biting and jaw clinching and spasm and sprains all over my body but meeting Abdul Mannan in order deal and heal with this distessful condition was so seamless that i never thoght it before that its so easy. He let me understand and proved me thru hypnosis that it’s all our subconcious mind which rules our concious mind and physical Continue Reading


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